2018 Sharks in the Park

  • New England Lab Rescue Shark
It's a Lab Sail-ibration! A Lab Brigade!
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  • Artist:     Heather Smith Labbe'
  • Artist Biography

    Seeing everyone knows me as Heather Smith in Chatham, I go by Heather Smith Labbe’. Heather Smith Labbe’ grew up in Chatham during the 60’s to present. Her father was the minister of the Congo Church. She is the Founder of the successful Non Profit, New England Lab Rescue, Inc. NELR has rescued over 3300 labs since 2010. Visit their webpage at www.newenglandlabrescue.com or face book. She lives in Maine but visits Chatham often to be with the Smith’s ( Rick, Jack and Tim) and families. She is available to paint your home, your dogs or other Chatham scenes by contacting her at 207-615-3126.

  • Sponsor: New England Lab Rescue
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