2015 Sharks in the Park

  • Auction: Cape Cod 5 Savings Bank Shark
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  • Item Sold at 2015 Auction for $400

  • Cape Cod 5 Savings Bank Shark
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    Artist:     Steve Clayton

    Artist Biography

    Steve Clayton, a relatively new washashore to the Cape, is a self-described “artist wannabe.” Having built his home and weekended here since 1994, he retired and moved down full-time five years ago. He was immediately intrigued with the artistic talent of Tilda Bystrom, one of his first friends in Chatham, and encourage by her to try his hand at it himself. Although he hadn’t painted or taken any courses to speak of in decades, he stepped up to the plate and joined her at the Creative Arts Center.

    Sponsor: Cape Cod 5 Savings Bank

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